About: A Blog for Photographers with Poor Memories

This blog is a resource for me to remember what I did in specific shots. My photography is a very hit and miss affair, although I’m beginning to have more hits than misses. I have two SB-600 SpeedLights, a Gary Fong PowerSnoot and LightSphere, and a Lastolite Softbox. I tend to use them rather randomly and sometimes I have successes and sometimes I have disasters. So I thought I’d put the successes here with notes on how I achieved them. I don’t always remember what I did, but luckily the EXIF data is readily available, and I usually recall the strobe set-up if not the actual settings. Hope someone finds this useful. Time will tell.

NB: I am finding it quite difficult to use the WordPress software and keep making mistakes that I can’t seem to rectify. (For instance, I seem to be following my own blog for some reason, and I can’t work out how to unfollow it!) Anyway, apologies in advance for any faux pas I’ve been making.

Enter: It’s About Light!

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